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At Flexshield Pty Ltd, ensuring your soundproofing installations provide the maximum protection against noise is our first priority. Central to the success of any acoustic noise control is the prevention of leakage of noise and one of the most common causes of noise leakage is the lack of soundproof doors, or poorly fabricated and fitting doors.
Flexshield supply a range of sound proof doors ready to install and are immediately operational straight after fitting:

  • Standard soundproofing door assemblies
  • Custom built acoustic noise control doors
  • Hinged acoustic doors
  • Swinging soundproofing doors
  • Sliding sound proofing doors
  • Fire and sound proof doors
  • Specialist industrial soundproofing solutions for individual door requirements

Our soundproofing doors are constructed from strong heavy sheet metals, mounted within rigid frames and fitted with welded hinges to ensure maximum noise control along with heavy duty wearing and durability. All doors are fitted with appropriate seals to complete the sound insulation process, with the added bonus of preventing draughts of cold air and wind. Sonic Access Acoustic Doors can be Fitted with customized items, such as panic bars, handles, locks, peep-holes and others as required, all doors are complete with painted finish in a choice of colours.

Standard Soundproof Door Assemblies

Ready To Fit “SonicFix” Acoustic Doors

Sliding or multiple swinging soundproofing doors are often preferred solutions to space restrictions, and here at Flexshield, our team of industrial soundproofing experts are able to design and manufacture customized doors to suit your unique requirements.
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As well as soundproofing doors constructed of metal, Flexshield also supply a range of PVC doors and PVC curtains that can be used to assist in noise control.
PVC doors from Flexshield are made of the highest grade material available framed in aluminium resulting in tough lightweight PVC Swing Door that is able to survive the harshest conditions. Where corrosion is a problem, stainless steel is available as an option.

With a wide range of panel styles and colours available our Soundproof PVC doors can be used in applications such as;

  • Noise control
  • Soundproof Enclosures
  • Plant Rooms
  • Grinding Booth Doors
  • Printing Halls
  • Assembly Areas
  • Many other industrial applications

The flexibility and durability allow access via forklift truck, hand pump trucks and other equipment , as well as being easily operated by people going in and out. PVC doors are supplied in kit form to your specifications, or fully installed by the experts at Flexshield.

PVC Strip curtains are also another form of noise control supplied by Flexshield. Soundproof PVC Curtains are often used in Soundproof doorways where frequent and easy access is required they are easily passed through by personnel or machinery and provide excellent soundproofing while having the added benefits of light and visibility.
Common uses include

  • Acoustic Enclosures
  • Mines
  • Doors from production to quiet areas

To discuss your soundproofing door requirements, and all other aspects of noise control installation contact us now.

Soundproof doors on council pump station

Soundproof PVC Strip Curtain Doors

Soundproof Flexible PVC Swing Doors

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