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Flexshield Wash Bay Screens

Flexshield offers a complete system of heavy duty sliding or fixed sheet wash bay screens. Available as clear or colored screens, these curtains prevent overspray from car washing entering clean workspaces. All components are anti-corrosive and are maintenance free.Flexshield Wash Bay curtains not only suit car dealers, but can be used where ever a simple solution to splash or anti-contamination is required. Some other areas include:

  • Train Wash Bays
  • Truck / Bus Wash Bays
  • Machinery Wash Bays
  • Parts Washing
  • High Pressure Wash Bays

Flexshield wash bay screening products not only increase the cleanliness of the workplace but also the efficiency, which in turn improves the workflow and generates cost savings.

  • Strong H/F welded DURAFLEX screens
  • Sliding panels for vehicle access
  • Strip Curtains for personnel, machines, etc.
  • All anti-corrosive
  • Flexible bunding
  • Water-proof painting

Flexshield wash bay screens for clean workshops

Wash bay curtains provide excellent barriers to mud, grease, grim and soap






Product Features:

Workshop dividers
Flexshield clear work shop dividers are a simple and cost effective solution to controlling dirt and dust in a car detailing bay, they are commonly used in window tinting areas. Create a clean environment inside your busy workshop while maintaining 100% natural light and visibility needed for safety.

Body shop screens
Control dust and noise by using a Flexshield Duraflex factory divider. A Duraflex screen will reduce the spread of dust and paint fumes into the rest of your workshop. As an added bonus the screen will effectively reduce noise levels.

Flexible factory dividers
Flexshield clear factory dividers are used to partition or zone operations in your workshop. By doing so you are able to create a safe, clean, efficient workflow which in turn will increase your cost savings. Hung as strip curtains, factory dividers allow for access through the screen at any given point.

Use wash bay screens to;

  • Stop splash, and dust
  • Be more efficient
  • Create safe workplaces
  • Allow easy access
  • Provide 100% clear visibility
  • Save energy, time
  • Be more productive!

Product Availability:

Flexshield wash bay curtains are custom made to suit your exact size and environment requirements. Once a solution has been chosen Flexshield is able to quickly manufacture and supply. The curtains are available as a kit with easy installation instructions or alternatively Flexshield will arrange to install at your location.

Flexshield manufactures a complete support system for wash bay barrier screens, providing for all requirements.

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